Antalya Balloon Tour Prices

Antalya balloon tour takes place in the Manavgat Side region. You can enjoy the view of many historical locations while flying in the balloons. Complimentary pick-up service is available from your hotels for the balloon tour. The flight duration ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour. After the tour, you will be offered fruit juice and receive a certificate. The capacity of our balloon is 28 people. It is essential to make a reservation before the flight. For Antalya balloon tour, you can reach us at the following numbers. The cost of the balloon tour per person is 4,000 TL. Our balloon flights are conducted with professional pilots and take place at sunrise. The pick-up time for the balloon tour may vary between summer and winter.

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You can easily book a balloon tour with us via Whatsapp. +90 533 255 47 67 

You can also call and make a reservation by calling us at +90 533 255 47 67

Antalya Balloon Tour takes place in the early morning hours, starting at sunrise. After picking you up from your hotel, we begin with a breakfast service. Following breakfast, we head to the flight area. You will have the chance to witness the preparation of the balloons before the flight, even before the sun rises. Once our balloons are ready, everything is set for our flight. After boarding the basket, final checks are completed, and our flight begins. The duration of the balloon flight is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. After landing, we perform a ceremony for you, accompanied by our professional pilot and team, where fruit juice and non-alcoholic champagne are served. The capacity of our baskets is 28 people. There will be a pilot in the center, and you will be allocated to designated areas at equal intervals. During our Antalya balloon tours, we offer regular flights as well as tethered flights.

Best rates guaranteed
Always the lowest price guarantee for Antalya balloon tour.

Free Transfer
Cappadocia Balloon tour prices include free two-way hotel transfer.

Free Breakfast
Free breakfast before Antalya balloon tour.

Free Insurance
Free flight insurance for Antalya balloon tour.

Champagne celebration after the balloon ride.

Flight Certificate
Free flight certificate for participants of the Balloon Tour.

Antalya Balloon Tour includes the following services:

  • Hotel transfer
  • Breakfast service
  • Flight insurance: All guests boarding the balloon are covered by flight insurance.
  • Fruit juice service
  • Medal or souvenir certificate

All these services included in the balloon tour are planned in advance before the flight takes place. One of the most important details for your reservations is to provide us with your full name, passport or national ID number, and hotel information before the flight.

We need to receive this information from you at least 1 day before your flight. Hotel-to-flight area transfers are carried out with our 16-seater shuttle vehicles.

Who Can Participate in the Antalya Balloon Tour:

There are procedures for balloon flights, and this is a frequently asked question by families with infants and children. The most important requirement is that participants must be 6 years old or above. Children under the age of 6 cannot participate in Antalya balloon flights. From the age of 6 and above, all passengers are charged the same fee. There are no discounts for babies or children on Antalya hot air balloon flights. Our balloon flights accommodate passengers up to the capacity of the basket. For each guest aged 6 and above, a spot is reserved in our basket.

Antalya Balloon Flights are conducted during the winter as well. Balloon tours operate every month regardless of the season. The main consideration for our flights is the weather conditions, particularly the status of the wind. In cases of strong winds, Antalya balloon tours are not carried out for safety reasons. Similarly, rain can also be a limiting factor for balloon flights. However, as long as weather conditions, including wind and rain, are within the acceptable limits, our balloon tours continue throughout the year.

The Hot Air Balloon flights in Antalya take place in the historical location of Perge. Perge Ancient City is situated about 17 km east of Antalya and belongs to the Aksu district. Historically, during the Roman period, it was considered one of the most organized cities in the Anatolian region. In the Antalya balloon tour, you will have the opportunity to witness the cultural structures of the ancient city of Perge from the air. You will see the well-preserved stadium and various statues from above. The balloon flights in Antalya often include flights over the ancient city of Perge, providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

Balloon Tour Reservation Information:

For the hot air balloon flight in Antalya, it is essential to make a reservation. Considering both the capacity and the high tourist demand during the summer months in Antalya, making a reservation is crucial. By making an early reservation, you can secure your spot for the balloon tour. Due to the busy tourist season in Antalya, it is advisable not to wait until the last minute to book your balloon flight. This is especially important for group bookings as early reservations will ensure there are no empty seats left.

For your balloon tour reservations, our transfer service from Antalya hotels is provided free of charge. You can also check our page for the prices of balloon tours in Cappadocia, which is another location where we offer balloon tours. Apart from Antalya, we also conduct balloon tours in Cappadocia and Pamukkale in Turkey.

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